What to expect


The course is delivered over 5 weeks, with a 20 – 45 minute massage session focusing on a different body part.

You will be provided with your own bottle of organic, cold pressed oil, a detailed pack containing all the massage strokes and a certificate upon completion of the course.

On the course, you will learn

  • Massage stokes for legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, hands, face and back
  • A short colic relief routine
  • Yoga-inspired gentle movements
  • Touch relaxation
  • The best time and for how long to massage
  • What massage oils to use
  • The importance of good positioning
  • How to adapt the strokes for your baby’s individual needs and the growing child.

At the end of each class we have time for a cuppa and a chat.


  • Group classes are suitable from new-born to pre-crawling. Once they’re on the move its not impossible but much harder to do in class. If you’d still like to try baby massage please feel free to drop me a line to discuss the options
  • Classes last for around 90 minutes, with time included for discussion and chat over a drink and some cake.
  • Classes are baby led, so don’t be concerned if the class is at nap or feeding time. Babies are welcome with all their sounds and in all their moods. There are spare dolls to practice on in class, so you wont miss out if your baby is sleeping. You will be given detailed handouts each week so you have the confidence to continue the massage at home.
  • If all else fails and your baby sleeps through the class, at least you will get a hot drink and some cake plus some adult conversation 🙂
  • Wear something comfortable as we will be sitting on the floor.
  • Mats and cushions and your own bottle of massage oil will be provided
  • Please bring a blanket or small towel with you.
  • All strokes will be demonstrated for you to copy in class and can be repeated as many times as required.