Manchester Baby Classes

Meet Other Mums, Have Fun, Learn a Lifelong Parenting Skill.

This is one of THE most friendly and social classes you will find. Make Mum friends for your maternity leave and beyond!

Book onto a 7 week course and you will learn

  • how to do a full body massage routine to relax your baby and help with pain from wind, colic, constipation and teething
  • how to use reflexology for relaxation and soothing pain
  • lovely yoga-style stretches for your baby with songs for connection and fun
  • sleep essentials which will start you off as you mean to go on with great sleep routines and associations

After each class, we spend time having a cuppa and a biscuit and a chat, no better way to meet other Mums and share tips and advice

Don’t worry if you can’t make certain dates, I can almost always fit you in on another class, just let me know before you book.  

Classes are held at
The Bump and Baby Hideout, 196 Dane Road, Sale, Manchester, M33 2LG



Why should you choose a Blissed Out Babies baby massage course?

My courses teach you all will need to know about helping your baby to relax, to help them sleep better and to ease pain from wind, colic, constipation and teething.

Your course will be delivered by an experienced instructor and baby sleep consultant, so you can ask any question at all and get support on all things to do with sleep and gentle, responsive parenting.

You will also get lifetime access to the online course. This includes videos of everything we cover in class plus a sleep webinar so you can watch back as many times as you like.

The sessions are not just about your baby, but about YOU too. You won’t ever be rushed out at the end of class ready for another to come in after you. We have almost as much time for chatting over a cuppa as we do for the massage! I know how important (even more so after the pandemic) that social time is.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.

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Ruby and Aarti
Ruby and Aarti
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We did the 7 week baby massage and sleep course and I cannot recommend it enough! Jem is so warm and friendly and reassures you that you’re doing a great job if you’re a first time mummy with loads of tips on nap times and sleep routines! Aarti thoroughly enjoyed her massage and interacting with the other babies- we still do it at home, especially the routine if she’s a got a bit of wind! I’m just sad it’s finished!
Amy and Bea
Amy and Bea
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I’ve just finished the 5 week baby massage course and i would really recommend it to any parent! It’s a lovely little setting where you get made to feel So comfortable and at ease while learning some lovely massage techniques. I found it was lovely time to bond with my little girl and we have used the massage as part of it bedtime routine. You are being surround by other mums who you can chat to while you’re there and at the end of the session its brew and a biscuit time and a chance to catch up which is also lovely as you’re in a setting where you can feed your baby in comfort and enjoy a chin wag!.
Amy and Arlo
Amy and Arlo
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Could not recommend this course enough. We started when my little one was 6 weeks old and the friendly, relaxed environment was exactly what I needed to get used to being out and about with the baby. The social at the end was a lovely way to get to know some new mums, Jemma made sure everyone was involved, and it was lovely to be treated to a much needed hot cup of coffee. If you're looking for a baby class but feel slightly intimidated by the whole thing this is a great one to start with. Thanks so much Jemma, I only wish we could have carried on!

What Do You Get From The Relax And Sleep Course?

1-2-1 time with your baby


Life is just sometimes so busy, take this opportunity to spend one on one time with your baby doing something a little different. I can guarantee you will feel better after coming along to this class!

expert instructor

get help and advice

As an experienced Certified Infant Massage Instructor as well as a Qualified Baby Sleep Consultant, I can offer you tips and advice to help you. Even more than that, the group is a brilliant way to feel supported in the early days.

Everyone welcome

meet other Mums

There is as much time learning the massage as we do making time for that all important cuppa and chat. This is not a class where you in and out before the next class starts, this is a space for you to take time out and relax when your baby is chilling after their lovely massage.

Connect and Communicate

Learn About Baby Behaviour

Learn how to recognise your baby’s cues, by learning about body language, signs of tiredness and hunger, and techniques that can help to calm, relax, and settle your baby.

Parenting Skills

Gain Confidence

There are so many classes that help you prepare for giving birth, or that show you how to change your baby’s nappy or bathe them, but very few that support with how to feed effectively, what to expect as far as sleep is concerned and how to calm and relax your baby. You will feel more confident as a parent by using the skills you learn in this course.

support Brain Development

Help Your Baby develop and thrive

The sensations and movements your baby experiences through the course can support your baby’s growth and development. The yoga stretch and sing sessions support the development of proprioceptive awareness, muscle development and language development. Whilst the sensation of positive nurturing touch increases oxytocin in both carer and baby and this can help with managing pain as well as enhancing the bond.


Just you, your baby and your usual nappy bag plus a small towel or blanket.

I provide the organic massage oil, mats, cushions and refreshments.

Each course is 7 weeks long (excluding Bank Holidays, please check timetable).

Each session is around 90 minutes long, we do 30-45 minutes of massage then the rest of the session is for you to relax and have a chat with the other Mums.

Baby Massage is suitable from newborn to pre-crawling. 

I have had clients with 3 week old babies and clients with 9 month old babies. It is all about when you feel ready to get out of the house with your little one.

If your little one is on the move but you would still like to try baby massage, please get in touch.

Wear something comfortable as we will be sitting on the floor for the whole session. Please get in touch if you have any accessibility requirements.

Wearing layers is a good ideas as the room can get really warm for keeping the babies happy when they are undressed.

That is absolutely fine, these classes are baby-led so you are welcome to do whatever you need sat on your mat. 

If your baby naps or is feeding you can just watch the demonstration of the strokes then practice at home. All is not lost and at least you still get a cuppa and chat at the end!

Twins and multiples are more than welcome at the same price, no additional charges here.

I can help with one of the babies if you need me to (although I won’t massage them) or you are welcome to bring along a friend or family member to help for no extra cost. *please check with me before booking so I can make sure I can fit you both in*

Everyone is welcome in whatever mood they are in! 

I often find that when Mums say their babies will be a nightmare in class because they have been grumpy at home that it isnt the case. Coming to class can be a welcome distraction plus having a lovely massage can really help to improve their mood.

It is also a great way for you to feel better too, so please just come along. 

Can't Make It to A Live Class?

Why Not Book the online course?