Baby Relax and Sleep Online Course

Learn How To Get A Blissed Out Baby

This course covers all you will need to know about helping your baby to relax, to help them sleep better and to ease pain from wind, colic, constipation and teething.

With lifetime access, you can watch back as many times as you like!

Just £20

In this lovely self-paced course, you will learn

  • how to do a full body massage routine to relax your baby and help with pain from wind, colic, constipation and teething
  • how to use reflexology for relaxation and soothing pain
  • lovely yoga-style stretches for your baby with songs for connection and fun
  • sleep essentials which will start you off as you mean to go on with great sleep routines and associations

The course consists of short video demonstrations and a 30-minute webinar all about sleep in the first six months. It is suitable for babies 6 weeks to pre-crawling.

1-2-1 time with your baby


Life is just sometimes so busy, take this opportunity to spend one on one time with your baby doing something a little different. I can almost guarantee you will feel better after doing these lovely sessions with your baby!

support Brain Development

Help Your Baby develop and thrive

The sensations and movements your baby experiences through the course can support your baby’s growth and development. The yoga stretch and sing sessions support the development of proprioceptive awareness, muscle development and language development. Whilst the sensation of positive nurturing touch increases oxytocin in both carer and baby and this can help with managing pain as well as enhancing the bond.

Connect and Communicate

Learn About Baby Behaviour

Learn how to recognise your baby’s cues, by learning about body language, signs of tiredness and hunger, and techniques that can help to calm, relax, and settle your baby.

Parenting Skills

Gain Confidence

There are so many classes that help you prepare for giving birth, or that show you how to change your baby’s nappy or bathe them, but very few that support with how to feed effectively, what to expect as far as sleep is concerned and how to calm and relax your baby. You will feel more confident as a parent by using the skills you learn in this course.