online baby sleep course

For Babies Aged 6-9 Months

Stop dreading bedtime!

Ditch the “one-size-fits-all” idea and discover how to make sense of your baby’s sleep.

Imagine feeling calm as bedtime approaches..

Imagine everyone in your household well-rested.

Imagine approaching a new sleep stage confident that you have the knowledge to manage its challenges.

Imagine having a sleep guru at your fingertips.

Imagine having access to a community of people who understand what you are going through, and can offer advice and support.

It’s not fantasy – with the DNA Online Sleep Program this could be your life. 

You can leave behind the endless cycle of anxiety, dread as bedtime approaches, bleary-eyed mornings when you don’t know how you’re going to stay awake to play with your baby, and mainlining coffee so you can pay attention in the morning meeting at work. 

You can wave goodbye to that sinking feeling you get when someone in your Monday morning baby group starts to talk about sleep.

Do you want to go from desperately thumbing through parenting books and plugging data into sleep apps, to feeling relaxed about how many hours of shut-eye your baby is getting? 

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Self Paced

Purchase the course for lifetime access to the program.

Dip in and out whenever you want to, all the knowledge of a sleep guru at your fingertips for as long as you need it.

Work through at your own pace.


Better Sleep Bundle

Access to the self paced course plus 

1 x 60 minute (or 2 x 30 minute) 1:1 calls with Jemma.

Perfect for troubleshooting or getting some help with where to start.


You are not a bad parent if your baby doesn’t sleep as well as your best friend’s baby (or as well as your mother-in-law says all of her children did).

Firstly, they’re probably lying (or let’s say “remembering incorrectly”!). 

All babies are different. 

They have different sleep needs and prefer different routines. 

And a lot of what we’ve been told about “normal” baby sleep is way off the mark. 

Are you desperate to help your baby fall asleep calmly in their own sleep space? 

Are you surviving on coffee and caffeine after another 4 am wake up?

Are you wondering how you’re going to cope with work meetings on no sleep?

Are you staring at the list of sleep regressions on your baby development app and feeling utterly confused and overwhelmed?

We’ve used the DNA Sleep Program since our little one was 3 months old and he’s now nearly one. It’s packed full of useful and relevant information, but also broken down in to well organised bite sized videos and voice notes (let’s be honest if you aren’t sleeping you don’t want to read much of anything!). It’s easy to navigate and well structured (again, the sleep deprived among us do not have time to be searching around for the relevant bits!). So you can use the whole program and get a great overview, or you can dip in and out and get the bits you need for a specific issue. As with everything else Jemma does in this space, she educates you the parent and arms you with the information to make decisions about what works for your baby and your family. There are very often a range of ways to approach things, so you can pick something that works for you. I can’t recommend her highly enough


Knowledge is the key to a blissful night’s sleep

A tried and tested process

The DNA Online Sleep Course isn’t like the structured guides you’ve already tried.

Its unique process helps you gently tackle the 3 jigsaw pieces of sleep:

  • Daytime
  • Nighttime
  • Associations

This process has helped hundreds of parents find clarity and relief from anxiety over sleep. And we’ve been named the best online baby sleep course by My Bump2Baby, read the review here 

I just want to write and tell you how amazing you are. Thanks to the new routine, Alana no longer wakes 4 times a night, she wakes only once which I am absolutely fine with. When she wakes, with your advice I give her a cuddle and a dummy and she goes straight back down again. So no more bottles! No more tired mummy!


A scientific basis

I focus on the science of sleep.

Not because I like to geek out (although, that too!), but because I know that by understanding how sleep works, you can react to your baby’s needs as they develop. 

I don’t just teach you one strategy to get your baby to sleep, and then in 3 month’s time it doesn’t work anymore. 

I give you the guidebook, so you can read your baby’s signs, and create your own sleep routine that fits your child’s personality and your family’s needs.

I wish I had found this course when she was younger, would have saved me hours of googling things which I now understand are just part and parcel of bringing up a baby!


A gentle focus

My methods are responsive. 

Babies have emotional as well as physical needs, and I don’t believe that you should ever leave your child to cry.

If you’ve bought “gentle” sleep courses before and been disappointed, you can rest assured that none of my strategies involve closing the door and walking away from your crying baby.

I really did not want to go down the ‘cry it out’ method and can’t thank you enough for the advice which has given me the tools and comfort that there is a much better way.


A holistic approach

Parenting is not just about children. 

No, I mean it. 

Most other online baby sleep courses focus only on the baby, which might seem sensible, but I disagree.

The path to a blissful night’s sleep involves many moving parts, one of which is you. 

That’s why (as well as help you to help your baby sleep) in the DNA Online Sleep Course we help you practice self-care and cope with the stresses of sleep deprivation.

With the DNA Online Sleep Course you will: 

  • Feel confident that you understand the science of sleep, and be able to use biology in your favour
  • Know how to create a schedule that works for you and your baby
  • Troubleshoot common naptime frustrations (think cat napping and contact napping)
  • Create the perfect bedtime routine for your family
  • Learn 4 gentle strategies to help your baby settle independently in their sleep space without leaving them to cry alone
  • Cope confidently with transitions (moving to their own room, moving away from co-sleeping, coping with separation anxiety, and starting daycare)
  • Understand how to create a routine that suits your child’s unique personality
  • Think about your self-care, with tools to help from mental health experts

Meet Jemma!

I’m not in the “cry it out because they need to learn to self settle” camp.

But nor am I in the “suck it up, this is just life as a parent” camp.

This course will help you make changes that align with your parenting values.

Parenting is hard. And dealing with sleep can be even harder.

But you don’t need to struggle through alone.

The DNA Online Sleep Course is designed to help you understand your baby better with 3 sections: Daytime, Nighttime, and Associations. 

 In each section you’ll find:

  • 20 short lessons, each with an easy to digest video
  • A downloadable sleep diary
  • Checklists to help you implement what you learn
  • A task at the end to help you understand your child’s unique sleep needs and how to take actionable steps to put that learning into practice

 You also get lifetime access to the course. Because I don’t want you to be stuck trying to remember something at 2 in the morning 4 weeks after you’ve watched the lessons.

Plus, there’s more!

You also get:

    • 15% discount on a 1-hour troubleshooting call with me (usually £99)
    • A mindset package from qualified Personal Trainer and Therapist Emily Dawes. Emily shares tips and tools for creating a positive mindset and looking after yourself as a parent. (value £100)
    • A mental health package from Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lyndsey McMillan. Lyndsey shares advice on dealing with sleep deprivation, the difficult transition from adult to parent, and how to cope with a crying child. (value £300)
    • A nutrition for busy parents package from qualified nutritionist Lucy Patel, Lucy shares great tips on what to eat to maintain your energy levels as a busy parent and makes it achievable whilst looking after a new baby. (value £100)
    • Access to a private Facebook group to share learning, ask questions, and get support from fellow parents and me! (value of extra support – £priceless!)


Emily Dawes

Lyndsey - online baby sleep course

Dr. Lindsay McMillan

Lucy Patel

Lucy Patel

I know what you’re thinking: “Why should I spend money on something I can get from a few hours on Google?”

Well, because frankly you’ve probably spent hours on Google already, trying to find the solution to getting your baby to sleep for more than 20 minutes. 

And you’re here. Still looking.

You need someone to hold your hand, give you factual information, and lead you through the gentle steps you can take to get back your life from endless worrying and exhaustion.

You need me.

Also, this course is incredible value. 

An hour Zoom consultation with me costs £99, and you get all of my knowledge and experience, 60 videos, checklists, and information sheets, for life, all for £49! 

Or maybe it’s: “But Jem, courses never work for me. I’ve tried everything!”

When Andrea found the DNA course she was struggling to get baby Erin to sleep anywhere but in her arms. With 2 older children, most of her day was spent battling nap time. She was desperate to make a change as Erin got steadily heavier and harder to carry around comfortably. Was she still going to be doing this when Erin was 2? 

Andrea loved how the course taught her the science behind why Erin wasn’t settling. 

This knowledge made it easier to cope with difficult nights. After putting into practice what she learnt on the course Erin napped for 2 hours a day, every day!


Emma was getting in a huge tizz about her daughter’s naps. Her anxiety over sleep was eating up her waking moments (and there were a lot of those!). 6 month old Sophie slept in a next-to-me crib, in a Sleepyhead, with a dummy that she would always knock out. Every nap was a fight.

Why didn’t Sophie sleep when the books said she should, or for as long? Was it going to damage her development? What was she doing wrong? She pored over books, sleep programmes, Instagram feeds, and kept getting lost in a sea of conflicting information. 

What she really needed was guidance from someone she trusted. 

Emma loved the combination of informative content, and the support from other parents in the Facebook group. She found seeing other people’s questions and solutions really helpful in addressing her own queries. 

Once she’d completed the course, Emma felt calmer about sleep, and Sophie has even begun self-settling for some of her naps. The realization that there is no one-size-fits-all approach has freed Emma to enjoy her alert, happy baby!

Or perhaps you’re thinking: “I’ve bought loads of courses, but they just sit in my inbox and I never use them. What makes this one different?”

You love to optimistically sign up to courses or webinars, excited to get started on learning and exploring new things. But somehow you never make it to the finish line, or maybe even the start line.

Sure, we’re all busy people. We’re parents for goodness sake! Life is already full of washing, cooking, work, and trying to find time to compare energy suppliers. And if you’re spending hours trying to get your baby to sleep then your day is even more hectic.

But research shows that courses with support networks have a higher completion rate than those that don’t. Our Facebook group is here to support you all the way through the course. Parents post thoughts, questions, struggles, and eureka moments in the group, and I pop in on a regular basis to see how you’re all getting on. 

We’re all rooting for you, because we know that this course can make a huge difference to your baby’s sleep, and to your life. 

Are We A Good Fit?

Let’s face it, just as our babies are all different, so are we, and my approach isn’t for everyone.

This course is not a good fit if:

  • You have a child over the age of 18 months. For support for older children, my Sleep Rescue package can provide the tailored support you need. 
  • You are looking for a minute-by-minute schedule that tells you what to do every second of every day.
  • If you want a fix in 3 days. We focus on a whole solution and a holistic understanding of sleep. 
  • If you need more personal and intensive support. If this is you then my 1:1 or group support packages would suit you better. (find out more)

The DNA Online Sleep Course will suit you if:

  • You have a child aged 3months to 18months
  • You’re open to learning new things.
  • You’re interested in how sleep works. 
  • You want a foundation of knowledge about sleep so that making changes in your routine feels more instinctive. 
  • You want to understand how everything fits together, rather than just focusing on one thing and hoping it will help.
  • You’ve tried loads of sleep training programs and you’re ready for a gentler approach.

Q: Is this sleep training?

A: Nope. We don’t do “cry-it-out” here. None of the methods I suggest involve leaving your child alone to cry.

Q: Can I follow this program and bedshare/co-sleep/breastfeed/bottlefeed/live on the road with a travelling circus?

A: Whatever your family circumstances you can benefit from this course. We look at the science behind your baby’s sleep. Then we help you take that information and use it to make gentle changes that are age and development appropriate. 

Q: How long can I access the material for?

A: Once you’ve purchased any of the DNA online sleep courses, you get lifetime access. You can revisit and rewatch as many times as you like. 

Q: Where can I go if I need extra support?

A: You have access to a private Facebook group which can be a great place to ask additional questions. After purchasing the course, you can also get a discount on a private call with me whenever you like.  

I’m ready for better sleep!

Of course you are!

You’re ready to stop struggling with early rising and night waking.

You’re ready to ditch bleary eyes and a fuzzy head.

You’re ready to stop worrying about how your baby’s sleep compares to everyone else’s.

You’re ready to make a change that benefits your family.

You’re ready for a Blissed Out Baby.

Start Your Journey To Better Sleep Today!

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