What Every Parent Needs to Know About Sleep

Don’t trawl the internet searching all over for how to help your children to sleep better.

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8 Simple Tips to Help Your Child Sleep Longer at Night

I’m Jemma and I am a qualified Holistic Sleep Coach and Infant Massage Instructor. I am passionate about providing support to families who are struggling with sleep and all that entails. 

We don’t have to put up with terrible sleep just because we are parents. Helping you to understand sleep, what is normal and how to make things better is my goal.

  • Why not enjoy your maternity leave more by getting more rest?
  • Why not be able to enjoy your children more by getting more rest?

This guide gives you 8 simple tips to make positive changes to your family life which WILL make things better. 

With these practical tips and your commitment, I guarantee you and your little one will be getting more sleep very soon.

These other parents can't be wrong

Jemma was non judgemental and gave us some straightforward, practical and manageable suggestions about adjusting day time sleep patterns. We couldn’t believe what a big difference to his night time routine it made! Would highly recommend!

Meenie & Indy

Jemma knew exactly what the problems were only on our fist chat! Impressed! It was a brilliant experience working with her, we went from bedtime battles to our son sleeping through the night. We feel well prepared for the future and confident that we can adapt our routine as he gets older.

Renata & Ben

With Jemma's expert help and advice, we have a toddler who now sleeps 1.5-2 hours at lunch time and 7am-7pm. Before he would wake after 45 minutes and would be difficult to settle. Our days would also start at 4.30/5am. Jemma's kind and friendly non-judgemental attitide made her a pleasure to work with.

Victoria & Theo

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