How To Style Your Post Baby Body

This week, Natasha from Savvy Style went live in The Village with an uplifting and motivating chat all about styling your post-baby body.

Now I’m fully aware of the pressures on women to look amazing and ping back in their pre-baby jeans the minute they are out of the delivery suite. It’s totally wrong that we are often made to feel inferior for how we look when we have created and nurtured actual human life.

That doesn’t mean that we need to accept a life of black leggings and stripy breastfeeding tops and hide ourselves away until we are ‘back to our old selves’! (by the way, I’m 4 years in and still am nowhere near my pre-baby body and that’s ok!)

But how do we feel good when we don’t have much time, don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe for this transition period and are getting to grips with the new shape our body has taken on?

Natasha Diskin Savvy Style

Natasha gave some brilliant tips, explaining that when you don’t feel like yourself, the longer you feel like that the more negative you feel about yourself. This can lead to anxiety and depression.

Personally, one of the biggest things I found when I became a Mum for the first time was that loss of identity. I didn’t really know what my place in life was anymore, I wasn’t working in my corporate job with professional responsibilities, I was suddenly a housewife, spending my days cleaning and taking care of a tiny screaming-pooping human. What was the point of looking nice only to be vomited on?

What I didn’t realise was this was adding to my loss of confidence.

"You can still be a Mum without looking 'Mumsy, you have the right to look amazing"

Natasha Diskin

She explained that style and confidence is important for

  • Wellbeing – Mums are central to families, it’s really easy to lose sight of who we are especially with all the hormones, exhaustion and endless jobs to do. However if you can make some time – even just a couple of times a week to take some time on your appearance you can feel better!
  • Self care – we talk about this a lot, but self care is so imporatant. It’s so easy to end up at the bottom of a long list of priorities but eating well, exercising, placing boundaries on your space and time are all ways of practicing self care. Taking some time to work on your new style can help!
  • Keeping your identity – you’re not just Mum,you’re a string woman, powerful, stylish, edgy, smart. Try to temember who you are as well as Mum, its great for your your childrne and family to see that, celebrate it through your personal style!

But how can we do that in a way that's manageable whilst getting to grips with our new lives and bodies?

Natasha helps style clients to wear more and buy less, explaining how to use things already in the wardrobe.

Tip 1 – Accessorise

Accessories such as earrings, bangles, necklaces, belts, scarves are all fantastic for bringing personality to an outfit.

You can really show your identity and personality through accessories, but they can also divert attention from other areas.

Wearing a belt can accentuate your waist, wearing things high-waisted can also be more flattering.

Scarves can also be used for coverage whilst breastfeeding.

Tip 2 – Layering

Use scarves to create simple lines.

Layer up a cami vest under your regular tops to allow you to breastfeed easily, have some coverage over your tummy whilst lifting your top to feed.

Layer different fabrics to add interest and texture. Elasticated clothes are great as they allow for bloating but will also shrink with you when your tummy does.

Button-down dresses are a flattering way to bring interest to an outfit, won open over jeans and a top or a skirt and top. Mix it up with a scarf too!

Tip 3 – Colours and Prints

Don’t be afraid to mix bold colours and prints, it can be a fun way to divert attention from areas you don’t like. It also add personality!

Add colour with accessories, jewellery and nail colours, even shoes!

Natasha finished off by reminding us that being yourself is key to your wellbeing, self care is so important and everyone around you will benefit, not just you!

Natasha is a Personal Stylist and Wellbeing Coach and Mum of two and runs Savvy Style.

She is an Accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist working in Private Practice, the NHS and also Freelance. Natasha’s ethos is about helping women to feel great in their bodies, feel confident in themselves an overcome barriers that stop them doing that.