The Mothership: A Private Membership for overwhelmed parents who want to raise their toddler in a nurturing way, to learn, get support, and feel like the best parent they can be.

Ditch the fruitless late-night Google searches and hang out where the knowledge is

What if you didn’t have to spend hours wondering if you were dealing with tantrums the right way?

What if you weren’t stuck feeling your way through the toddler years with only a humus-spattered copy of Annabel Karmel to guide you?

What if you had somewhere to go with daily problems? Somewhere you knew there would be experts on hand, and people who had dealt with this exact problem 4 times already?

Google’s great, and all.

But it’s not a parent.

It’s not running around after tiny, snotty baby Googles with its hair scraped back into a messy bun, trying to work out how much Bing is too much.

It’s not pacing the nursery at 2 am attempting to work out whether changing the multi-coloured nappy will help the baby search-engines settle or make things worse.

Google doesn’t get you. No matter how many cookies you accept (mmm…cookies….). Google hasn’t been where you are.

While it can show you 3 million results on what delicate balance of nutrition is best for your little one…it can’t listen sympathetically and then tell you how it managed to get broccoli into a toddler one rainy Sunday afternoon.

But that’s why you’re here.

Pull up a chair, dig out your cold coffee from under the pile of muslins, and listen up.

I need to tell you about The Mothership.

Stop trying to do the job of 10 people all by yourself!

Parenting is hard. (Thank you for listening to my understatement of the century.)

And it can be the loneliest thing you’ll ever do.

Before we all gathered in towns and cities, moving away from our families, and commuting to office jobs, we had a village around us. This village helped us raise our children. We could ask the woman who’d had 6 kids how on earth she dealt with colic. We could rely on our Grandmothers for tried and tested recipes for fussy toddlers.

Now we rely on NCT Whatsapp groups, where you’re all trying to work it out as you go along – at the same time. Or video calling your mum hoping she’s not at work and can help you work out what this rash is. Or Googling “what essential oils will make my baby sleep and where can I buy them” at 4 am.

Online forums like Mumsnet filled this space for a while. But, now that your AIBU thread is more likely to get picked up by The Daily Mail than get thoughtful consideration from more experienced parents, you need another option.

You don’t have to do it alone.
You can join us in The Mothership.

The Mothership is a source of knowledge, a gathering of experience, and a safe place to share.

It’s an open-all-hours home for when you’re in a middle-of-the-night panic about Calpol.

It’s a repository of helpful videos, inspirational audio, and the collective experience of loads of other parents who have your back.

It’s the village you need to raise your child in.

Hi I'm Jemma!

I’m a mum of two and an experienced sleep consultant. I’ve supported hundreds of parents, helping them move from confusion and exhaustion to making sense of their baby’s sleep and getting the rest they need.

I don’t believe in rigid routines, crying it out, one size fits all approaches, or piling more and more guilt on yourself as you try to be the best parent you can be.

Blissed Out Babies supports parents 1:1. And with my online sleep courses, I’ve seen even more parents ditch their bleary eyes, and find a routine that works for them and their babies.

After taking one of my courses, Nicola said:

“I wish I had found this course when my daughter was younger, it would have saved me hours of googling things which I now understand are just part and parcel of bringing up a baby!”


But I wanted to do more. I wanted to create a place where parents can get support for all aspects of their journey.

Sure, sleep is a hot topic of conversation amongst us parents. But there are a whole stream of other things we worry about too.

The other issues we secretly Google while shushing and patting.

That’s why I’ve created 

I wanted to give parents more access to my sleep expertise, and open the doors to a whole host of experts in other fields.

I wanted to curate a safe space where parents could ask questions, and have people with real life experience, and actual empathy respond.

The Mothership is a private membership for parents of under-2s

By becoming a member of our community, you gain 24/7 access to an incredible amount of help and support.

Included in The Mothership membership is:

  • A membership hub with video masterclasses about how to tackle your sleep challenges with tasks to help you implement what you learn
  • Two monthly Q&A workshops with me oanswering all your sleep and parenting questions 
  • A private Facebook group full of parents sharing their experiences, tips and advice (and me popping in to help).
  • Monthly masterclasses with guest experts, sharing on topics you care about. (Think restoring your core after birth, looking after your mental health, and how to balance nutrition in a busy household)
  • Monthly social group activities for you and your children: things like yoga, dance classes, and baby massage workshops.

We’ve got your back on subjects you lie awake thinking about:

  • Moving away from sleep aids
  • Coping with early waking
  • Reducing night waking
  • Making bedtimes easier
  • Moving away from co-sleeping
  • Nutrition for tired parents
  • Gentle parenting
  • Managing toddler tantrums
  • Understanding child development
  • Dealing with your own wellbeing and self-care
  • Managing parental anxiety
  • Supporting your child’s emotions
  • Weaning onto solids
  • How to stop breastfeeding when the time is right

With experts you wouldn’t believe:

  • Dr Lindsay McMillan, a Clinical Psychologist,
  • Lucy Patel, Registered Nutritionist,
  • Hayley Bird, Trauma Informed Doula,
  • Emily Dawes, PT and Wellbeing Coach

Our focus is just like my vision for Blissed Out Babies, giving you the information and support you need to make sense of your situation.

Claire said;

"Jem helped us to understand how sleep works and allowed us to move at a pace that was comfortable for us. She talked through a range of approaches and helped us to decide what approach worked best for us. Jem provided us with so much support and reassurance and without her I don’t think we would have improved our son's sleep as quickly as we did."


You’ll have all this at your fingertips for just £19 a month (or sign up to a year and get two months free for £190)

This is the place you need to travel through your parenting journey unscathed!

We are your fellow explorers, pointing out helpful landmarks, and the snakes to avoid in the undergrowth. 

Is the Mothership really for me?

If you have a child (or children) between 3 months and 2 years old, then we’re waiting for you in The Mothership.

All of our content and discussions will be aimed at the parenting stages you’re going through and the particular issues that come up. You won’t have to wade through 30 posts about teenage angst before you find something you relate to.

“But Jem, I don’t need ANOTHER facebook community – my phone already pings 8 million times a day and I can’t scroll far enough to see what my niece is up to!”

I completely get it, we all spend hours lost in social media loops and then wonder why we’ve bought 2 wrap skirts and a microfiber squeegee.

But The Mothership is different.

Firstly, we’re not JUST a Facebook community. The Mothership is full of learning materials that address problems you’re dealing with, and experts who can help you.

But, here you can take advantage of other people’s solutions – learn from their mistakes, share in their successes and not feel so alone in your struggles.

And, because everyone is buying into the community there’s a sense of ownership. This is your space, and you can help create and curate it.

The Mothership, like Blissed Out Babies as a whole, is a gentle but pragmatic community. 

We are practitioners and parents who focus on evidence-based practice (and we like to have a laugh too).

We’re not a great fit for you if….

You are looking for Gina Ford style regimental routines.

But we’re also not necessarily free and loose people either.

We don’t think you should just suck up all the stuff that’s shit about parenting “because Baby is more important”.

We are people who like a balance of what our child(ren) needs but acknowledge that we’re still people who have needs too.

So, if you’d rather have a minute-by-minute routine to follow through with your baby, or to be told to ignore your instincts to be responsive, then we’re probably not the right place for you.3

Because, as an early bird member you get 2 things:

  1. The lifetime low price of £19 a month, £52 per 3 months or £190 per year (ongoing membership will be £49p/m)
  2. The opportunity to help shape a community that works for YOU. You get to request content that meets YOUR needs, to design features that help YOU in your daily parenting journey.

You know how you’d like to go back in time and buy shares in Apple, or Uber? Well, get in on the ground floor of a blossoming community resource. Help turn it into something you like, pop your favourite coloured throw cushions all over the sofa, and put your feet up on the coffee table.

We can’t wait to meet you – we have cookies ready.


Jem if I sign up and it’s not for me, can I escape?

Of course! I hope you won’t want to, but you can cancel at any time, no awkwardness at all, just follow the simple cancellation policy and it shall be done!

Do I HAVE to take part in the Facebook group to benefit?

Absolutely not, you don’t even have to join the group if you don’t want to. All the masterclasses and workshops will be uploaded into the membership platform for you to review and access at your own pace and in your own time.

To take part in the Q&As, just submit your questions by email, I will answer them then you can watch the replay back. (All the videos will be searchable so no hanging around watching an hour’s video for your question to be answered!)

You’ve enough on your plate without needing to get FOMO or feel like you need to keep up with a busy Facebook group to get value from this Membership.

Jem I already feel overwhelmed with being a parent, won’t The Mothership just add to that?

I hear you, the mental load of Motherhood is huge, I really don’t want to add to that pressure. But if you find you spend time googling how to deal with toddler tantrums, how to stop feeding to sleep or any other number of questions, you can stop wasting that time and jump into The Mothership knowing you’ll get an answer that aligns with your ethos from a place you trust. You can go all in and be part of the community or dip in and out as and when you need, whatever works you’ll always be welcome!

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